Fresh 24 Newborn Photography <3 The first few hours of life for sweet baby Gus!!

Sweet little Augustus Craig made a swift arrival and I missed his entrance into the world by 2 minutes. I did however get to capture some very sweet moments in his first few hours of life. <3

His very first Breastfeed, he was excellent at it!!

Here he was telling me how he really felt about the photos. look closely and you'll see it!!

Spending time with Mom and Dad <3

The tree of life, I have literally seem hundreds of Placentas! Everyone is so spectacular to me!! The idea that it filtered and delivered the necessary oxygen and nutrition to baby for the past nine months! Its magic <3

Skin to skin time with Momma, so important for newborns, and Mommas <3

That umbilical cord <3 Such a healthy baby boy!! Welcome to the world sweet Gus!!

#birth #newborn #highriver #katrinavancampphotography #fresh24

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Katrina Van Camp Photography 2016 Vernon, BC, Canada